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Blood Might Be Thicker Than Water, but I Can Totally Shotgun This Whole Bag

Hey dude, turn that shit off, put on that last Racetraitor record and get everyone to gather round. Why? Check this shit out. Chris’s brother works at a blood bank and he fuckin’ hooked it up.

It’s gonna be sick! I’m gonna stab this fucker with a key, and shotgun it when the breakdown hits on “Three Minutes of Hate.”

What do you mean “Marta’s graduation party might not be the place & time for something like this?” Something this fuckin’ brütal? Marta’s brütal as fuck! She deserves this!

Damn, dude, you’re not listening to me, like at all. Let me break it down for you again, real quick.

I’m gonna have you stop the music, then I’m gonna tell everyone that it’s time to turn the tables on our vampiric capitalist overlords, and fight fire with fire. I’m going to make it clear that the next time I see another 4chan Pepe Nazi fuckhead, I’m gonna tear open his jugular with my goddamn teeth and treat his body like this goddamn bag, you know what I mean?


This has nothing to do with my desperate need for attention and everything to do with stopping Trump and shit!

What? C’mon man, it’s gonna be sick! It’s not like it’s animal blood or anything, so technically I’m not breaking vegan. You think this….B negative normie was fighting the system? No way. He totally worked in finance or something.

Okay, ready? The breakdown’s coming up, get ready to turn that shit off. Remember to turn it on again RIGHT AFTER I jam the key into the bag, okay?

Damn, I wish someone made my graduation party this fucking SAVAGE! Or that I graduated.

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