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5 True Crime Podcasts Ranked by How Close They Came To Catching Me

Gruesome crimes, small towns full of secrets, and a tireless hunt for justice. These days people just can’t get enough of compelling true crime stories, and to those people I say “You’re welcome.”

As the serialized killer that the media has dubbed “The Torso Taker” I take a lot of pride in contributing to your commute-time entertainment. Here are the top 5 podcasts to cover my horrific acts, ranked by how easy it was for me to slip through the hosts fingers like so many grains of sand.

5. Into The Blue
This one was not even close. Instead of playing detective, these jabronis decided to focus on police corruption and inefficiency. Sure they made some solid points, but points didn’t stop me from killing 6 more victims, did they?

4. Torso Town
A professional podcast that presents the facts of the case in a clear and concise manner, I just have two minor notes:
-The host’s voice is a little nasally.
-They failed to identify me as the killer or even a suspect.
I can forgive one or the other, but not both. Have at it if you’re a completest, otherwise skip ahead.

3. The Last Thing They Saw
These true crime investigators were the first to really give me a run for my money! They were the first to connect me with more than one victim, and got me admitting to a sexual relationship with one of them which I initially lied to the police about, on mic! Unfortunately a more interesting crime took place a few counties over, so they packed up and left, just when they almost had me!

2. Who Could Have Done Such A Thing?
This was my podcast, which I started in an effort to lead investigations into the wrong direction and take some of the heat off of myself when the walls felt like they were closing in. You would think that a podcast I hosted to generate red herrings would be nowhere near this list and yet here it is at number 2. Why? Because I just couldn’t stop referring to the murderer as “I.” Pretty dumb mistake but I’ve never been on mic before, it makes you nervous!

While this show is essentially a misinformation campaign, I do present some pretty compelling evidence and theories that, while lies, are pretty interesting and I still think it’s worth a listen.

1. Scooby Gang
The one that caught me, can’t give much more of a glowing recommendation than that! Thanks to the hosts of this show I am behind bars serving 8 consecutive life sentences and I still gave it 5 stars on Apple, that’s how good it is. I’m a true crime fan first and a true crime doer second. You do not want to skip this one.

And hey, why not check out “Who Could Have Done Such A Thing” while you’re at it. I’m not saying it’s as good, but it totally has its charms and makes a great companion-listen all things considered.