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5 Habits That Make Billionaires Successful, Though Admittedly, “Having Billions of Dollars,” Is Doing a Lot of the Heavy Lifting

Billionaires; they are our superiors and our betters. Their lives are literally worth more than our lives, and they make decisions that affect our day to day with as much care as you put into deciding which undershirt to wear. But what, besides an elite team of personal trainers, doctors, and servants their wealth allows them to maintain, makes them tick?

We’ve done the research and identified 5 behaviors these gods amongst mortals have in common that could contribute to their wild success, but to be honest, they all just sort of circle back to having billions of fucking dollars.

They vacation a lot.
Avoiding burnout is crucial to being your most efficient self. The average billionaire vacations once every Wednesday-Monday and for the entire spring, avoiding the hordes of “filthy normals” who take holiday during the summer months. This allows them to rejuvenate fully and perform at their best. Not really something you can apply to your life though. Hmm, okay, let’s move on.

They wear the same thing every day.
Decisions are exhausting. That’s why billionaires avoid them like the plague. A lot of them just pick one trademark look and stick to it, some of them notoriously even wearing the exact same outfit for nearly all occasions. Then again, they’re doing that with billions of dollars behind them. If you did it, everyone would probably think you were fucking weird.

They read.
Warren Buffet used to read 600 pages a day. Many billionaires starring down the barrel of a day with no real tasks to accomplish turn to books to pass the time. And hey, you love to read! Nothing is standing in your way when it comes to reading like a billionaire. Except for your job. And your side gig. And your obligations to the people in your life. Plus the brain fog that rolls over you as a result of those things and makes you sleepy 10 minutes into tackling anything more complex than a Stephen King audiobook.

They take a shit.
This doesn’t seem impressive or noteworthy, and it isn’t, but at this point in the list I just sort of figured you could use a win. You’ve taken a shit before, right? Congratulations, you are exactly like a billionaire.

They get plenty of rest.
On a pile of money. Every week at the grocery store you walk past the bread you like because it’s too expensive and the other bread is cheaper and they sleep on money. It’s not even comfortable, it’s just to spite you.