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Review: Type O Negative “Bloody Kisses”

Each week, The Hard Times takes a look back at a classic album, some of which are easier to find through a cursory Google search than others. This week, we take a look at Type O Negative’s “Bloody Kisses.”

Type O Negative’s classic album, “Bloody Kisses,” was recently released in a collector’s edition package along with a book about the band. These items, when sold together, really make a difference in ensuring that you enjoy these songs in a way that is safe and hygienic.

What is Type O Negative?

Type O Negative is a band from Brooklyn, New York. Their album, “Bloody Kisses,” went gold and platinum thanks to the songs “Black No. 1” and “Christain Woman,” both of which are included in this special collectors sample edition. Not one to cry over spilled milk or blood, Type O Negative stayed together as a band from 1989 to 2010, finally succumbing to high pressure and clots in their creative process, presumably leading to a circulatory changing of band members over the years. Frontman Peter Steele died of an aortic aneurysm in 2010, which occurs when the aorta, an artery carrying blood away from the heart, disrupts.

What To Expect When Donating Blood

Donating blood is a quick process that is done safely with the help of skilled phlebotomists. To gather a blood sample, they will first need to know your blood type, which includes A, B, AB, and type O negative. While waiting for your blood to be drawn, you can engage in a relaxing activity, such as listening to a metal music album or reading a book or booklet. Donating blood can make blood available to those in need of a blood transfusion, especially in cases where rare blood types such as Type O Negative are required. Blood banks save lives, so if you’re considering making a donation, contact your local Red Cross today.

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