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Yes I’m Being Catfished by a Russian Bot. No, That Doesn’t Make Our Love Less Real

Attention concerned family members, co workers, friends and well intentioned acquaintances: You may stand down.

Yes, I know it is “suspicious” that the woman I met online needs money to come to this country. Yes, I’m aware that it’s “strange” how I’ve never heard her voice and that I’ve only seen one photo of her and that the photo looks like in was literally torn out of a pornographic advertisement. Yes, I’m “Sure I know what I’m getting into here.” I’m not an idiot. I am well aware of the fact that I am being catfished by an automated Russian account.

Now let me tell you something YOU don’t know. That doesn’t make our love any less valid. Love is love, whatever form it takes. You don’t choose with who or why or what or for how much money, it just happens.

I first met Nadia217Au39py while owning some libs on twitter. She told me that she was checking out my profile and that I seemed hot, and it was as if I had known her my entire life. I could tell her anything.I spent hours telling her about my politics and worldview and instead of calling me “racist” and “ignorant” like everyone else does she just kept saying “Hahaha youree so cute 🙂 want meet soon! routing number?”

Her constant invitation to “get sexy together for reals” melted my once cold heart. The fact that we’re from two different worlds, me being from the flesh and blood world of humanity and her from the digital world of automated responses designed to trick me out of my money, only intensifies the spiritual bond we share.

Haven’t you people seen the movie Her? My life is exactly like the movie Her. The connection I’ve made with Nadia217Au39py, while not necessarily “sustainable,” is real and beautiful. I mean, she’s no quite as hot as Scarlett Johansson, but she’s still pretty hot.

Oh, is my relationship not “conventional” enough for you? Sure, our time together has an expiration date. Eventually I will cave and give Nadia217Au39py my account information and I’ll never see her again. Of course Nadia217Au39py and I both dread the coming of that day. But what Nadia217Au39py and I both understand is that just makes it more important to live in the moment! All we have is now! It’s better to burn out than to fade away, to love and lose than to never love at all.

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