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Poor People Should Stop Voting Against Their Best Interest and Start Voting for Politicians Who Relentlessly Mock Them

Dear poor Republican voters. Are you stupid or something? I’m only asking because you keep voting against your interests. Did you know that the politicians you enthusiastically support don’t care about you? Honestly, they probably hate you deep down. It’s time to stop supporting them and start voting for the politicians who hate you openly! The ones who mock you for your beliefs and guilt or bully you into giving them your vote. You know, the politicians I vote for.

As someone making a modest six figures, I know exactly what’s best for the poors. That’s why I never tip servers as a way to teach them the lesson that they should’ve learned to code instead. That lesson is a real tip they can use.

You’re still offended by their political ads calling you ignorant and backwoods? Wow, and people say us liberals can’t take a joke. Just try to see through that patronizing bullshit and understand that voting for these kinds of politicians might just help you out in the long run, you hillbilly moron.

Sure, after you vote them into office, they’re definitely going to disappoint and they’ll flake on the most important issues that affect poor people like cancelling student loan debt, increasing the minimum wage, and guaranteeing paid family leave. But that’s only because they avoid confrontation and fighting for the little guy at all costs. I said they wanted to help. I never said they’d be good at it.

Let’s be honest. We can’t exactly blame politicians for their continued mockery and ineffectiveness either. After all, these legislators are wealthy as hell, so they can’t help but insult poor people. It’s just one of the things that come with having a jacked bank account. You probably wouldn’t understand because you’re poor. And dumb.