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Opinion: Religion Is Made Up Bullshit That Only An INFJ, Sagittarius, Enneagram Type 4 Would Believe

Can you believe it? It’s 2022 and there are still people who think religion is legit. Well, not everyone. Some of us know that it’s all hogwash. Especially those of us that are INTPs. We can easily separate the bull from the bullshit.

Now that I mention it, Enneagram Type 6 also knows what’s what. Raise your hands if that’s you. Congratulations, you’re like me and can see right through the fact that a bunch of dudes wrote the Bible like 100 years ago. It wasn’t Jesus’ intern like they’d have us believe. I feel bad for someone like an Enneagram Type 4 who falls for pretty much every made up thing under the sun, like religion. Sucks to be you.

I mean, just today my horoscope said, “You’re likely to find people somewhat irritating today.” And hoo boy, nothing is more true than that. I just have no patience for anyone that is an Aries today. They seriously believe the earth is round. Unbelievable.

I’m sorry but anyone who can’t see through the bullshit that is Judeo-Christian faith needs to align their chakras, reconcile traumas from their past lives, and start carrying an onyx pebble in their pocket to absorb their negativity.

And don’t get me started on every single Sagittarius out there. They’re a bunch of batshit churchgoers who really believe there’s an old man with a bushy white beard sitting in a cloud in the sky judging our every move. I mean, if God were real, why would he sit back and let children get cancer, permit unjust wars to happen, and allow ENFJs to even exist? So cruel.

Sure, it may sound like my mercury is in retrograde today. But I assure you, I did my 30-minute healing crystal ritual this morning like I do every day. Sometimes it just takes my aura a few hours to get on track. Could also be a case of the Mondays.

Just because millions of people throughout history believe a certain ideology and claim it helps them make sense and navigate through the existential dread parts of life doesn’t make it right. Hell, even someone who got the dreaded “Rachel” as their “Which Friends Character Are You?” Buzzfeed quiz answers should know better.