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Opinion: I Love This Part!

Shut up, shut up, shut up! I love this part! Yeah, that bit right there. Dew, deeeeeew, dew da da da dooooo. Oh and then the guitars come in like swaaaaaa, za, za, zaaaa. I wouldn’t even say this is one of my favorite songs – but this part, this part right here. I mean, GOD DAMN! You hear that bass in the background? Bwaaa, ba ba ba ba ba, bwang.

Turn it up! I want to rewind it so you can really hear this part. I don’t think you get it yet. Listen to the drumming! I think there are two kick drums. Duggaduggadugdugdug. Put your phone down and listen to this part, I’m serious.

Don’t say, “yeah it’s okay.” It is amazing! I’m not playing around! This isn’t game. I love this part and you can’t leave until you agree with me. I am not blowing this out of proportion. This part changed my life and made me the person am today.

I have lost better friends than you over this part. I left my wife of seven years over this part. If I could find a way to fuck this part, I would. No, I would make love to this part. I would treat it with the respect it deserves. I would perform oral on this part until it had an orgasm in my mouth and I would swallow whatever comes out!

I am not yelling! I am being passionate! I just can’t understand how someone might not love this part. Here, I’ll play it again. Really listen this time.

No! I will not put the gun away until you tell me that you love this part.

I don’t believe you. You are saying that just so I will let you go. What do you love about it then? Huh?

I swear to God I’ll kill us both and burn this place to the ground if you don’t love this part.

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