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Punk-Themed Food Truck Only Serves Lazy Puns

LOS ANGELES – Residents of Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood were excited by a punk rock themed food truck’s decision to frequent the area. But despite the wide variety of menu options at reasonable prices, many residents feel the puns for each dish are increasingly lazy.

Victor Orville, the owner of the “Hey Ho, Let’s Go Eat” food truck, contends that lots of time was put into naming each item and the criticism is unjustified.

“It took me weeks just to come up with the name. Then, it all clicked for me. I figured, ‘Hey this is fun,’ and ‘everyone loves The Ramones.’ That same amount of effort went into naming each item, so to hear that people think these ideas are lazy is upsetting.”

Hey Ho, Let’s Go Eat boasts a variety of food options such as the “Soup of Today” which changes daily (but is always a vegetarian option). The most popular dish, according to Orville, is the “Gorilla Biscuits and Gravy.”

“I started coming here as soon as the place opened. I love the food and I guess the names are sort of clever, but they all seem like first draft ideas,” said Grace Remnick, a tattoo artist that works a block from the food cart. “I really just think they could do better than ‘White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean Dip.’”

Orville has been happy with the early success of the food cart and continues to add new items to the menu. “We just added truffle fries and I call them ‘Fries Above’ and we are about to start doing some soft serve ice cream that will be called ‘God Save the Cream’. We like to have fun and I think that shows,” he said.

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However, it is not all fun and games. Jeff Stalward, a video game designer that stops by the food truck most Mondays, claims the name of the food cart actually got him in some hot water.

“My office has a really strict sexual harassment policy so when I suggested to a female co-worker we try ‘Hey Ho, Let’s Go Eat’ as a lunch option my manager misunderstood and now I am on probation. But it’s OK because the ‘Some Kinda Hot Dog’ is really fucking good.”