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Frontman Preaches Tolerance on Stage While Expressing Profoundly Racist Views in the Van

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Vocalist Tom Gant  is known to lash out against oppression, misogyny, and bigotry while on stage with his band Cold Shot. But band members report that the frontman’s politics change dramatically while he’s in the privacy of the band’s tour van.

“During some of the longest drives Tom has been throwing around the phrase ‘anchor baby’ like it’s no big deal,” said Steve Miles, bassist for Cold Shot. “We’re all really uncomfortable with it, but every time we confront him about it he gets super defensive and starts calling us the racist ones.”

Miles claims that Gant’s long-drive talk has become increasingly political despite the fact that Gant himself has never voted. “He’ll literally go off on a 25-minute rant while we are trying to sleep about voter fraud and why it’s not an unrealistic expectation for individuals to provide a photo ID to vote. The worst part is like an hour before he would be on stage talking about unity and respecting everyone.”

Gant, who currently lives rent free in his Grandparent’s guest house, also reportedly vocalized his opposition to government handouts and what he calls the “entitlement culture.” The vocalist is steadfast in his beliefs, often sharing them loudly while he eats other band members food without asking permission.

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Gant adamantly denies that he has made racist comments and was recently seen chastising members of Cold Shot saying “Dude, what happens in the van, stays in the fucking van.”

“If you think I am racist you are crazy. The drummer of Cold Shot is fucking black dude. Would a racist have a black guy in his band?” said Gant when confronted about his long-drive, offstage politics. “And Jerry is one of the hardest working dudes I know. So glad we found one of the good ones to play with us.”

Article by Duncan Robak. Photo by Gil Riego Jr.