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3 Stabbed, 13 Arrested, 1 Baby Taken Away During KKK Protest

ANAHEIM, Calif. – A Ku Klux Klan rally turned violent over the weekend when protesters and Klan members clashed in the street, leaving three protesters stabbed, 13 people arrested, and one man who says the KKK “took his baby away.”

Joey Ramone of New York City says he travelled all the way to Anaheim to rescue his girlfriend, who initially was set to travel to Los Angeles for the holidays. Ramone claims she never made it and that the KKK had, in fact, taken her.

“She went away for the holidays, said she’s going to LA. But she never got there, she never got there,” said an emotional Ramone. “She never got there, they say.”

Witnesses report Ramone fought with Klan members soon after the rally started. Many claimed they heard Ramone not quite yelling, but not quite singing, “I don’t know where my baby can be, they took her away from me.”

Ramone indicated travelling to California was absolutely a last resort when it came to getting his baby back. Having exhausted the proper channels, Ramone boarded a flight to the west coast to be reunited with his love.


“Ring me, ring me, ring me up. The President. Find out where my baby went,” said an increasingly frustrated Ramone. “Ring me, ring me up. The FBI. And find out if my baby’s alive.”

Anaheim police eventually got the chaos of the rally back under control. Unfortunately, Ramone was not able to find his baby, but that has not stopped his steadfast determination.

“Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh,” exclaimed Ramone, adding, “Hey ho hey ho.”