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Tom DeLonge Unaware He Was Still A Member of Blink-182

SAN DIEGO – Fans of the pop punk band Blink-182 were shocked yesterday after Tom DeLonge released a statement saying he had no idea he was still a member of the band. The news comes as a surprise to everyone, especially DeLonge, who thought the band had broken up in 2005.

“It is with great confusion that I have to say this, but am I really still a member of Blink-182? Really, though…am I a middle aged man who still plays pop punk? I was under the impression we broke up 10 years ago; nobody has mentioned anything about the band to me in years,” DeLonge said in a Myspace bulletin.

Since their hiatus in 2005, members of Blink-182 have pursued solo musical projects before reuniting in 2011 to record their latest album, Neighborhoods. Now, according to the band, it looks like DeLonge will be leaving; he must have his reasons.

Bass player Mark Hoppus, who recently took DeLonge off his “Top 8”, responded to the controversy via a statement made on MTV’s hit TV show, TRL.

“I guess we might have forgot to tell Tom we were getting back together. Whoopsies, my boner, bro,” Hoppus told Carson Daly. “Surprises let him know we care.”


DeLonge fired back with his own remarks about what might happen if he ever bumps into Hoppus or drummer Travis Barker at a movie.

“Mark, I’ll smile and you’ll wave – we’ll pretend it’s okay – but the charade won’t last and, when he’s gone, I won’t come back,” Delonge commented on Blink-182’s official Myspace page he is now locked out of.

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Public reaction to the news was varied with many members of the band’s core fanbase saying they were excited to see the band in 2015, but also expressing concerns that they would not be able to find a babysitter on such short notice.

DeLonge has stayed busy during the band’s hiatus by pursuing his passion of posting on Internet message boards about aliens walking among us on Earth, under the username Area-182.

Article by The Hard Times staff @REALpunknews.

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