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The Hard Times Submission Process

Want to write for The Hard Times?

We accept freelance pitches all the time. What we like to see is a knowledge of the punk scene, subculture, and topics that our audience can relate to. Send your packet to [email protected] and keep reading for more info.

Send us 5 satire headlines and if we like what we see we will add you to our pitch group and you can start writing for us. Don’t be afraid to send multiple submissions if you don’t hear back the first time.

We get a lot of pitches so sometimes it can be tough to stand out from the pack. But we look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Maybe satirical headlines aren’t your thing but you have a deep knowledge of music and love a good list. Well, we’ve also begun posting more joke lists like…

100 Band Logos Ranked by How Much Better We Think They Are Than the Mona Lisa

Every Boss Pedal and Which Band Its Owners Desperately Wish They Were In

50 Famous Lead Singers Ranked by How Good of a Roommate I Think They’d Be

And we want to get more of those ideas, but shorter (these ones are super long). Pitch us some of those too!