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Oh No: Local Band Spent Lockdown Getting Into Synths

CHICAGO — Local hardcore band Generation Failure drew gasps from the audience during their first show back from lockdown as it became clear during their 25 minute set that they spent the last year and a half getting into synths, multiple aghast sources confirmed.

“I don’t really know what I just watched,” said Mike Asher, Editor-in-Chief of fanzine Frustrated on Fullerton, only available for free at two friends’ local record stores. “They were like this heavy as hell post-hardcore band two years ago with some Unwound and Dischord influences, but not anymore! At first we thought it was a joke or like a long buildup to something heavy, but it never came. It was as disappointing as when you think you are going to sneeze but then lose it at the last second; the only difference was there was a ton of shitty synth music driving us all crazy.”

Band members reported that during the COVID-19 lockdowns in Chicago, they spent a lot of time exploring new music and experimenting with synth keyboards.

“During the height of the pandemic I got really into Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, and even Gary Newman. I started sharing songs with the rest of the band and they got so excited they spent all of their unemployment money on some sick new keyboards,” said Generation Failure singer Gavin Coleman. “We knew that a lot of people might not accept our new sounds, but we didn’t expect so much backlash. Someone sent my mother a letter that said her dog would be killed if we don’t play older stuff at our next show. Those threats don’t scare me, and that dog is old as shit anyway.”

One of the biggest fans of Generation Failure’s new direction in sound is Anna Simmons, the Sweetwater Sound Sales Rep for Coleman and his bandmates.

“Gavin picked up a KORG Modwave and some cables at the beginning of the pandemic. Company policy is to call a customer every 12 hours for the next few weeks after a purchase to upsell them on other stuff,” said Simmons. “Gavin never says no! A sequencer, Moog Matriarch, Berhinger TD-3 — Gavin and the rest of the band have bought everything I’ve suggested without question. I’ve doubled my sales commission for the year already! I’m a big Generation Failure fan and I haven’t heard any music”

Generation Failure are not the only local artists who have made stylistic changes. Comedian Anthony Precourt spent lockdown getting into Qanon, and now spends his stage time yelling about pedophiles, adrenochrome, and making audience members uncomfortable.