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Punk Band’s Most Influential Material Is Yelp Review of Local Taqueria

BERKELEY, Calif. — Bay Area punk band The Guts have released their most influential material since their inception 10 years ago: an online review of El Rey Tacos in Los Angeles, longtime supporters of the band confirmed.

“I’m not saying their music isn’t important to me,” said self-proclaimed “#1 Guts fan” Brendon Walters, who ranked the Yelp review higher than the band’s multiple studio albums. “But through their five-star review for El Rey, I learned they had the best carne asada nachos in southern California… and their wish dishes can be made vegan. I mean, it changed my life forever — I have a wedding in L.A. next month, so this saves me a lot of Googling.”

Guts fans and casual Yelp users alike claimed they would never have eaten at the small restaurant had the band not collectively reviewed the “insanely good” al pastor tacos, ample parking, and 24-hour service.

“A bunch of kids came up to tell me how much the chicharron meant to them — I thought it was an early song of ours I forgot about,” said Guts guitarist Mike Davis. “Finally, someone complimented the sample platter and I figured out what was going on. I guess I should be touched we affected so many lives… but I was kinda hoping it would be through our music.”

For their part, the owners of El Rey Tacos expressed their appreciation for the band’s work.

“The Guts literally saved my life,” owner and head cook Carlos Garcia said with tears in his eyes. “We were two weeks away from having to close when they posted that review. All of a sudden, all these punk kids started coming out. I can finally pay for my mother’s dialysis.”

Following their groundbreaking work, rumors are swirling that the Guts are working on a follow-up review of a yet-unnamed all-day breakfast spot in San Francisco.