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Phil Anselmo Apologizes for Waiting Until End of Show Before Paying Tribute to Hitler

HOLLYWOOD – After Sieg Heiling and screaming “White power!” at the conclusion of this year’s Dimebash, Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo has issued an apology to his fans for waiting so long before paying tribute to Hitler.

“Anyone that knows me knows that this is really out of character for me, and not what I stand for or believe in,” said Anselmo of his onstage outburst. “I usually like to open shows by advocating for white supremacy.”

Anselmo initially suggested that the salute was just a “little inside joke” relating to the consumption of white wine between him and some of the other white supremacist performers at the show, but has since changed his tune. Either way, long-time fans of the band have been quick to defend him.

“Phil hates everyone — he has made that clear forever. It doesn’t matter if you are black, asian, hispanic, or ethnically ambiguous: If he believes he is superior to you in anyway, he hates you,” said Internet commenter MetalFanatic1988. “Honestly, I have never been a huge fan of his music, I just like his politics — and I think most of his inside jokes are funny because they’re kinda true.”

Other fans just chose to ignore the salute altogether.

“I tried watching the video on my laptop, but it wouldn’t load. So, I don’t know — where’s the proof?” fan Thomas Cleary said, pausing before desperately continuing, “Come on, I don’t want to throw my Pantera shirts away.”



The YouTube video of the salute quickly went viral, but Anselmo seems unphased by the attention, commenting directly on the video.

“Listen, y’all need to thicken your skin,” he wrote. “Make sure your pure white skin is very thick, my brothers and sisters, because the white race is under attack; our skin is our armor. Now go forth into the night. White power! PHA ‘16!”