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Old Spotify Playlist Reminds Man of Embarrassing Music Phase He Went Through Three Weeks Ago

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Local music enthusiast Derek Barnett was struck with embarrassment after stumbling across a Spotify playlist he created only twenty-one days earlier, sources that follow Barnett’s Spotify account report.

“Aquabats, Weird Al, The Lonely Island… Wow, I cannot believe how immature I was last month,” said Barnett while scrolling through the playlist. “I have like five songs from Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’ special on here. Ninja Sex Party… LMFAO… Bloodhound Gang… my apartment must have had a carbon monoxide leak or something. I’m so glad to see how much I have grown as a person since I made this list. It’s like they say, when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

Friends of Barnett, however, feel that he might have matured too much since making that playlist.

“I already miss ‘novelty song’ Derek. He just sent me a playlist called ‘Zen New Jersey,’ which is somehow pretentious and pedantic at the same time,” Barnett’s unrequited crush, Essie Mullins said. “Leonard Cohen, Pixies, Patti Smith. He is taking himself way too seriously now. Then he closed with Gil Scott-Heron which somehow feels like a microaggression to me. I have a feeling by the end of summer he will be really into jazz and using the phrase ‘it’s the notes you don’t play’ as if anyone knows what that even means. I might have to cut him out of my life before that happens.”

Music theory expert Bradford Wallace, Ph.D. has noticed this trend happening with most of the “Streaming Generation.”

“Music fans are burning through phases at near quadruple speeds than the generation before them,” said Dr. Wallace. “What might have once been someone’s identity for the entirety of high school, they are not flipping from punk to glam to industrial over the course of a semester. Kids no longer need older brothers or Tower Records’ listening kiosks to turn them on to new music, they have open access to all of the music in the history of the world but with that comes an ever mutating taste in music.”

As of press time, Barnett stated to have been “obsessed” with grunge over the course of a single evening.