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New Slipknot Music Video Actually a Promotional Video For a Regional Haunted Hayride Attraction

MOUNT JOY, Penn. — Slipknot’s latest music video for the song “Hive Mind” turned out to actually be a thinly veiled promotional material for the central Pennsylvania haunted hayride company Spooky Bales!, sources who no matter which way you look at it are still really into goony masks.

“We stopped at Spooky Bales! while we were on tour last year and it was just the best. Man, that guy with the fake chainsaw sure gave me a frightening, I tell you,” explained Corey Taylor. “So when it came time to make the ‘Hive Mind’ video we really wanted to pay homage to what a good time we had. It was only after we were finished that we realized we’d basically made a five-minute-long commercial featuring lots of pumpkins – can’t say we’re disappointed though.”

Spooky Bales! owner Desmond Dalton detailed his experience with the band.

“They came through here last year and most people actually mistook them for actors. They kept their masks on the whole time, so really that’s on them,” began Dalton. “When they contacted me a few months ago about featuring the hayride in their new music video, my only request was that they include the company’s phone number in the video.”

“Hey, any press is good press,” continued Dalton. “I don’t really know much from heavy metal, but those slip-nips are alright in my book.”

Horror/Metal historian, a skeleton wearing a tweed jacket, gave some background on spooktastic crossover promos.

“Metal bands and family-oriented roadside attractions go together like Draculas and swamp monsters – that is to say, very well,” explained the skeleton. “This is just like the time Rob Zombie inadvertently used ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ to buttress a touring circus sideshow. From what I hear, they’re still on the road today.”

At press time, Slipknot also released a new single about how much they love a regional ghost-hunting team in Milwaukee called Spooky Hunters!