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Nation Outraged After Punk Refuses to Stand for Pennywise’s ‘Bro Hymn’

SAN DIEGO, CA – America’s culture wars found a new battleground this week when 19-year-old punk Macy Sanders reportedly refused to stand during Pennywise’s performance of fan favorite “Bro Hymn.” When reached for comment, Sanders said, “It was such a long show. My Dad made me go and Pennywise played forever. It was like 45 minutes or something insane. I was tired so I bailed.”

36-year-old corrections officer and show attendee Dave Vasquez had this to say, “Look, some things are sacred. And you don’t come to a Pennywise show to sit out ‘Bro Hymn.’ That song is a chance for everyone to get up and mosh and smash into one another in remembrance of the bros we’ve lost.”

And therein lies the outrage at the center of this debate. In choosing to not participate in the often revered ceremonial circle pit and not loudly shouting “woah” into the ear of the person closest to her, Sanders has disrespected one of SoCal punk’s most important traditions.

The backlash to Sanders’ choice to sit down has created a firestorm of outrage over social media with many people pointing to the fact active duty troops and veterans hold “Bro Hymn” in the highest regard.

“My brother did three tour duties in Iraq and this entitled brat thinks it is OK to just sit down during a punk rock anthem?”, asked Twitter user AmericaDaBrave76. “That song represents all the shirtless servicemen who are just trying to blow off some steam in the pit while they are on leave.”


But not everyone feels Sanders was in wrong. Former Pennywise roadie Brad “Scooter” Collins sees protest as long overdue, “Look, the ‘97 reissue cheapened things. Go to any Warped Tour. Any of them. Between Pennywise and other bands doing covers you’ll hear ‘Bro Hymn’ four or five times. People always sit it out. Sometimes you’re too drunk or too tired or the ending of one ‘Bro Hymn’ overlaps with the start of another ‘Bro Hymn.’ So why is this a big deal now?”

A petition demanding that “Bro Hymn” replace “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance already boasts 10,000 signatures while a new “Bro Sitters” Facebook group has been liked by 6,500 users and rising.