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Mikey Erg Not Even Sure Which Band He’s Drumming For Right Now

ASBURY PARK, N.J. — Prolific punk rock drummer Mikey Erg, of The Ergs!, Dirt Bike Annie, The Unlovables, The Measure, Star Fucking Hipsters, The Slow Death, Worriers, The LLC, House Boat, Used Kids, For Science, and Brook Pridemore, does not know which band he’s about to play with, the confused drummer admitted moments ago.

“I should’ve looked at a flyer earlier — I was just told the address. I showed up, and now I don’t know what the hell is going on,” Erg said, frantically scanning the band setting up at Asbury Lanes. “That looks like Alex Clute setting up his pedals, so that narrows it down a bit… but is the singer wearing a banana costume? Dude, I’m befuddled. And everyone knows I don’t use that word unless I mean it.”

Erg has sat stageside for 15 minutes while the banana-costumed singer checked microphone levels, eventually sending a satisfied thumbs-up to Erg — which Erg apprehensively returned.

“It must be Worriers, right? It has to be. Alex plays bass with them sometimes, and Lauren [Denitzio] is the kind of goofball who’d wear a banana costume on stage, probably,” said Erg, now scrolling Facebook for any additional clues. “Shit! Three guys with horns are setting up… it’s not Worriers. Am I even in this band?”

Witnesses report Erg, while clearly distressed, still managed a good show.


“Mikey got behind his drums after the sound guy yelled at him. You could really tell he was out of it,” said showgoer Lydia Puente. “Eventually, Mikey just took a deep breath and counted off the first song. It all sounded pretty good in the end.”

At press time, Erg confirmed that while he still didn’t know what band he played with, he still thought the gig went well and will record an EP with them this fall.

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Article by Jeremy Hammond @jeremythunder. Photo by Dan Gonyea.