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Mike Ness Punches Trump Supporter for 3 Minutes Longer Than Necessary

SACRAMENTO — After a fan objected to his anti-Trump musings onstage, Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness reportedly jumped into the crowd and assaulted him for several minutes longer than was probably needed, sources have confirmed.

“He went on this tirade about Trump,” said Vince Kerley, who attended last night’s show at the Ace of Spades. “And then some guy started flipping him off for like two whole songs, and then [Ness] just dives off the stage and goes nuts on him. At first I was like ‘Hell yeah!’ but then it got old after he’d been throwing the same punches for four minutes.”

San Francisco police investigating the incident confirmed similar reports from others in attendance.

“We’ve had a lot of folks here tell us that, while they were excited to see Mr. Ness confront that protester at first, their attention started to waver after seeing that the fight was never really going to escalate,”  said Officer Bill Scott. “Everyone seems to agree that while he had a pretty decent hook, it wasn’t worth throwing that many times.”

Ironically, the target of Ness’ outburst claims that it wasn’t his rhetoric that caused his protest.

“I honestly couldn’t care less if the guy doesn’t like Trump,” said the victim of the monotonous assault. “I was giving him the finger because he kept playing his solo material.”