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Rob Zombie Admits He Only Makes Movies Because He Ran Out of Horror Soundbites To Use In His Music

LOS ANGELES — Occasional musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie admitted that his foray into the cinematic arts was driven by a lack of fresh horror sound bites for his music, stunned horror and music communities confirmed.

“I am first and foremost a musician, but I’d used up all the good quotes in my almost four decade long career,” Zombie admitted from the editing bay of his upcoming film “Blood Bride Cannibal Carnival.” “After sampling every creepy laugh, scream, orgasm, and eerie organ note from vintage camp horror films, there was just nothing left. I had to get creative if I wanted to keep up the harrowing vibe in my music. I figured, why not make my own movies? That way, I have an endless supply of horror sounds from which to pull.”

Not everyone in the horror community is thrilled by Zombie’s confession, however.

“I always thought he had a deep passion for violent cinema, but it turns out he just needed unique Wilhelm screams,” grumbled film critic Jonathan Grayson from the horror film blog Gore & More. “His movies are basically elaborate mixtapes for his next album. I always forgave the plot holes because the gratuitous violence was so wonderful. But he’s just harvesting screams and groans. I mean, his third solo album ‘Educated Horses’ even has a song titled ‘The Devil’s Rejects.’ Doesn’t sit well.”

Experts in both music and film industries are weighing in on the implications of Zombie’s dual-career strategy.

“Rob Zombie’s approach is a unique fusion of artistic mediums,” Dr. Emily Greene, a professor of media studies at UCLA, noted. “By creating his own horror films, he generates a self-sustaining cycle of inspiration and content. It’s an innovative, if somewhat unorthodox, method of ensuring his music remains as haunting as ever and it makes him push the boundaries of sound design in his films. That’s why he always hires the same producer for both his albums and movies.”

As of press time, Zombie was said to be already writing a new film “Hellbilly Harvest: The Blood Moon Massacre at Devil’s Hollow” starring his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, so he can have audio for an album titled “Electric Hellfire Freakshow: Tales from the Crypt of Madness.”