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Man Gives Up His Seat on Subway for Pop Punk Veteran

NEW YORK — Riders on the New York subway’s C train caught a rare act of generosity as a man gave up his seat for Terry McCarthy, a 42-year-old veteran of the pop punk scene, witnesses confirmed.

“I always believed simple acts of kindness go a long way. When I saw that downtrodden warrior of the music I listened to in middle school clinging to the pole, I figured the least I could do was offer him my seat. I could see in his eyes how thankful he was, he didn’t look very comfortable standing there in a 20-year-old Tsunami Bomb shirt and busted Vans,” said good Samaritan Chris Keller. “I know how hard it can be since I’ve seen it happen to my family. This guy reminds me of my older brother who still has PTSD from half of his favorite bands being outed as toxic misogynists. For these guys, the war to defend pop punk never really ended.”

McCarthy was grateful that someone understood what he was going through.

“A lot of times you just feel invisible, you know? People look at you and assume because you’re still rocking a wallet chain and three studded belts that you’re an assistant manager at a Zumiez store. I don’t get any respect from punks today. I served in six Warped Tours while they were in fucking diapers, dammit,” said McCarthy. “Honestly, it was just nice of Chris to see me as a person and not, like all my exes say, a grown man with a severe case of arrested development.”

Despite Keller’s display of goodwill going viral on social media, the city’s transit authority urged riders that aging pop punks are not a protected class.

“If you’re physically able to give up your seat to a pregnant person, the elderly, or an actual veteran of war, we highly encourage you to do so, as that’s just basic empathy. But these pop punks can’t let this go to their head and think they’re something special. New Yorkers aren’t obligated to give up seats to dudes who still whine about AFI being better before signing to Interscope,” said MTA official Michael Franceso. “Tough break, but having tendonitis or arthritis stemming from incessant moshing in the early 2000s doesn’t mean everyone needs to treat you like some sort of hero.”

Keller later regretted giving up his seat after seeing McCarthy immediately hit on the 16-year-old girl he was sitting next to.