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Man Clearly Yelling Gibberish During Sing-along Part

CHICAGO – Fans of popular hardcore band Without Mercy were outraged this weekend when they discovered that a man was clearly just yelling gibberish during a popular sing-along part of the band’s hit song, “Time to Die.”

Sing-alongs are a time-honored tradition at hardcore shows. Historically, they have identified who knows the lyrics the best, which also proves who likes the band the most – and has the most credibility.

Brendan Burke, a fan of the band and member of the audience who moved up front to sing along, was the first to take notice of this unforgivable behavior.

“I was going along doing my thing singing it back and then, out of nowhere, there was this guy climbing all over my back and yelling nonsense into the mic,” Burke said. “It really threw me off my game and I missed a crucial pile-up.”

Fans were further bothered when the man started clapping on multiple occasions before the song had ended. He was also caught trying to sing along to a new, unrecorded song.

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“I kept thinking ‘Why are you here man? Do you even know this band?’ every time he pulled that crap,” Mike Hobart, a longtime Without Mercy supporter, said. “When TJ, the singer, said, ‘If you know the words, stand up front,’ this guy had the nerve to push past me and start pounding the stage. Ridiculous, man.”

When reached for comment, the man in question said, “argh blarg watermelonwatermelon LIVING A LIE!” adding “test press sundress, TIME TO DIE!”

Picture by Matt Gill.