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Local Dad Offered Record Deal After Sick Drum Solo on Buick Steering Wheel

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Hours of practice finally paid off for one local dad, whose drum solo on his 2004 Buick LeSabre steering wheel landed him a record deal last Friday.

Mechanic and father of two Bruce Harvey was making his daily commute to work when a rep from Epic Records pulled up next to him and offered him a record deal right on the spot.

“At first, I could have sworn I was hearing Rush,” said Stan Shiffman, Head of New Talent at Epic Records. “I haven’t heard someone play the steering wheel like that in ages. And I’ve been in this business for a long time. The way he used his dashboard as an Octapad was insane — clearly a musical genius.”

Harvey believes his hard work and passion for in-car drumming, which often embarrasses his teenage daughters, has finally paid off. “I’ve been practicing every chance I get. It used to be something I did to pass the time, but now it’s become my passion,” Harvey said spinning an imaginary drumstick in the air.

Shiffman discovered Harvey at the intersection of 7th St. and Osborn. “This guy was just annihilating his steering wheel, playing high hat on an empty Coke can and obliterating his glove compartment. At one point, I even noticed one of his air conditioning vents popped out. It was super metal,” said Shiffman.

“Yeah, that happens sometimes,” Harvey said sheepishly.


Michelle Raskin, a casual-turned-hardcore fan, witnessed the face-melting drum solo while waiting for the bus. “When he played the ashtray full of coins, I thought, ‘OK, this guy is pretty good,’ but then the smoke machine from his cigarette lighter kicked in and, wow… that guy is a powerhouse on the drums!”

Harvey is currently negotiating the terms of his contract and expecting to be in the studio as early as next month. “This guy is gonna make it big time. I’m talking videos, tours, girls, cabana boys, lots and lots of money,” said Shiffman, lighting his cigar.

“I just never thought it could happen to me,” exclaimed Harvey. “The guys at the shop aren’t gonna believe this!”

 Photo by Josh Jurk.