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Jay Weinberg Booted From Slipknot After Lying About Ability to Hook Up Band with Springsteen Tickets

SIOUX CITY, Iowa ā€” Slipknot announced they parted ways with drummer Jay Weinberg after it was revealed that he exaggerated his ability to use his father’s connections to procure Springsteen tickets, the band’s reps confirmed.

“I didn’t think this lie would come back to bite me on the ass, but after almost ten years in the band they were bound to find out that I can’t actually score Bruce tickets whenever I see fit, let alone nine of them. I just told them I had connections when I was auditioning as a ‘perk’ of letting me in! In reality, most of the time I went to a show I was just my dad’s plus one,” said Weinberg. “But the guys just kept nagging me every time Bruce and the band would go on tour, and I could only blame Ticketmaster for so long before they discovered my ruse.”

Lead singer Corey Taylor said the decision to kick Weinberg out of the band was swift and unanimous.

“It’s one thing to lie, but it’s another thing to string me along thinking that I’m eventually going to see Bruce play ‘Spirit in the Night’ live when in fact the only times he ever hung out with Bruce was at his goddam horse ranch,ā€ said Taylor. ā€œI always thought ‘Iowa’ and ‘Nebraska’ were companion albums, and the band pitched having the E Street Band to play KnotFest with us on six different occasions, but Jay would always come back with some excuse about Bruce needing a break from touring which we all know is bullshit. That dude is a machine. So yeah, he’s leaving the band due to creative differences in that he needs to be more creative about having actual connections.”

Despite the discourse within the band, Bruce Springsteen himself was surprised his name even came up.

“Hang on, Jay was in Slipknot? I thought he was in a jazz quartet or something, at least that’s what he told Max,” said Springsteen. “Well if I can be honest, I don’t know why he’d say they could come to one of our shows when everyone knows I’m way more into ICP. He’s seen how much Faygo I consume. Shaggy, Violent J, those guys have a standing invitation to any show I perform, and Iā€™d love it if they let me wrestle with them a little. Come on Jay, get it together.”

Band reps have also reported Weinberg is attempting a possible reconciliation with the band after proposing he could possibly get Conan O’Brien to hang out with them backstage next week.

Photo by Kaanislek.