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Diehard Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fan Won’t Stop Namedropping Them During Sex

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. — A devoted fan of 2000s indie rock titans Yeah Yeah Yeahs is disrupting her sex life by insisting on reciting the band’s name during moments of intimacy with her girlfriend, worried friends reported.

“I thought it was cute at first, but it’s getting really annoying. Mo keeps setting off the Alexa by screaming ‘Yeah YEAH YEEAAHS!’” stated girlfriend Nicki Lorenzo, who is more of a metalcore fan herself. “Uggh, those opening drums of ‘Gold Lion’ have ruined more than one orgasm for me. I get it—you’ve seen them like eight times. But that doesn’t make it OK to start moaning ‘Karen O, Karen O, Oh my Goddddd’ while I’m going down on you. My name is Nicki, not Karen, and this isn’t 2008. Indie’s dead anyway, as is my libido.”

Mo Renatta is seemingly unaware of the extent of her sexual namechecking proclivities.

“I don’t see what the big deal is; sometimes when things get hot and I’m feeling that fever to tell, I have no idea what words are coming out of my mouth,” admitted Renatta, who sometimes switches things up with a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah reference during a particularly satisfying climax. “This all feels pretty kinkshame-y to me. I don’t complain when Nicki says ‘fuck me.’ It’s like, wow, nice Notorious B.I.G. reference, nerd. But I will admit that I crossed a line when I smashed an egg in my bare hand all over Nicki’s bedsheets. I said I’m sorry!”

Intimacy specialists encourage couples to talk about their desires and kinks outside of a sexually charged situation.

“Not everyone can keep up with the current music scene—some people stop searching for new bands after college entirely and that doesn’t necessarily make them a pervert,” explained Dr. Lawrence Clark, a couples therapist who focuses on sexual intimacy. “Sex should be a two-way street. If one evening is themed around 2000s Pitchfork-core indie, maybe another night can be devoted to Napalm Records speed metal. Or perhaps a collaborative Spotify playlist could make things interesting. Just avoid throwing any Death Grips on there—trust me, it won’t end well.”

As of press time, Renatta and Lorenzo’s relationship abruptly ended after Renatta got a full back tattoo of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Mosquito” album artwork.