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Conor McGregor Open to Superfight With Henry Rollins

LAS VEGAS – Outspoken UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor shocked the world by expressing his openness to fighting legendary ex-Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins.

When asked about the prospect of the superfight with the aging hardcore legend, McGregor replied with his typical confidence.

“Old man Rollins? I’d eat him alive. I’ve buried every opponent they put in front of me, I’ll do the same to Hank if that’s what the people want. He wants to act tough on stage or in Bad Boys II that’s one thing, but you get in that cage with me and it’s a whole different story. I’m too fast, I’m too precise. If we were to meet, I think it would be an easy night of work for me. Rollins is napping on the mat before the end of the first round — I promise you that,” said McGregor.

Rollins, who was world-renowned for his ability to beat up fans during his time as the singer of Black Flag, didn’t outright deny his interest in the fight.

“Conor has has everything handed to him. He wouldn’t have lasted one week in Black Flag. I’ve been to Ireland; I had 250-pound skinheads throwing bottles at me and putting out cigarettes on my legs. We had to fight to survive every show. I had to fight to exist. That spoiled rich kid, McGregor wouldn’t last one night in my world.”


Critics of McGregor have accused him of ducking the more accomplished fighter and current Black Flag lead singer Mike Vallely.

“Are you joking me? You must be joking me. Mike V? He’s like a bum version of Rollins,” shouted McGregor. “The current band pretending to be Black Flag is an embarrassment and I don’t fear some [expletive] skateboarder who only beats up other skinny-fat rollerbladers. He should be ashamed to call himself a member of Black Flag. At least Rollins was in the band when they meant something. Not that I wouldn’t feast on his carcass just the same.”

Lead guitarist for Black Flag Greg Ginn has already expressed his intent to sue the UFC if they use the band’s name or logo in any promotional materials for the proposed fight.