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BREAKING: Malaysian Facebook Friend Wants Your Defunct Band to Tour There

BREAKING: Early reports indicate your Malaysian Facebook friend wants your defunct high-school band, Pig Abortions, to “come tour [Malaysia] already.”

The friend, who added you three years after your drummer quit to spend more time with his now ex-girlfriend, insisted the kids in his scene “mosh hard” and are “real hardcore.”

“When does Pig Abortions tour here? We throw the show,” your friend messaged, linking to a bandcamp of his American-style hardcore group, Gorilla Mosh.

Sources confirm your Malay friend also inquired about Kik Flip, your high-school friend’s short-lived, long-defunct skate-punk project that only ever released three songs via MySpace.

“Bring them too,” your friend added. “Good show.”


The Hard Times will continue to update you on this breaking story as it develops.


Update 12/17/15 07:05: Initial signs point to you maintaining contact with your Malaysian Facebook friend and feeding his delusional idea that your band may soon come to his country, as he is the only person who still cares about Pig Abortions.

Update 12/17/15 07:06: Your friend now wants to tape trade. “Any Pig Abortions demo tapes [2006] left?” he asked. “Love the song ‘My School Sucks.’ Got it off Soulseek.”

Update 12/17/15 07:07: According to a new report, your Facebook friend has 3,689 tracked plays of Pig Abortions. It is still unclear why.

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