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Bassist Signs Two-Year, $100 Deal with Local Metal Band

ATLANTA — Bassist Adam Frost has joined local metal outfit Niceguy Genocide in a lucrative, two-year deal worth an estimated $100, Frost’s management team confirmed on Monday.

“We received several generous offers from a lot of regional talent that really wanted Adam to join them, but we believe Niceguy Genocide is the right fit for Adam now and for months to come,” said Frost’s agent Russ Culver during a press junket, in which Frost proudly held a Niceguy Genocide T-shirt to his chest. “He is 100 percent committed to the proud tradition of Niceguy Genocide and its members.”

The 18 year-old Frost, scouted directly out of a high school talent show with his first band Frog Boy, skipped the traditional route of playing in a college bar band before going to the pros.

“I had a lot of interested parties… Pugnose, Skull Dick, The Donner Party… all great bands in their own right. But I knew I wanted to join Niceguy Genocide — I’ve been a fan, and now I get to help make the music,” said Frost, opening the tallboy six-pack he received as a signing bonus. “I look forward to learning from and training with the older members of the band — I think I’m bringing some fresh energy and a few new tricks.”

While the Niceguy Genocide fanbase has welcomed Frost with open arms, not all band members are pleased with Frost’s contract.

“He gets $100?!” drummer Alan Miller was overheard shouting at friends. “I have literally lost thousands of dollars on this band, and I’ve been here for seven years!”

“These kids don’t know what it’s like to toil away and cut your teeth in cover bands before getting picked up by a real band,” Miller added. “And who the fuck drank all my fucking beer?”

Meanwhile, rumors are swirling that Niceguy Genocide may not be done making moves, gauging Miller’s trade value as they seek a Marshall stack and a drummer to be named later.