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Band Playing SXSW Hopes to Connect with Tech-Savvy Millennial Males Age 18-33

AUSTIN, Texas — Members of up-and-coming indie-rock band Flight of Fancy are hoping their SXSW showcase spot on the Esurance “Music for the Modern World” stage will help them connect with tech-savvy males with large amounts of expendable income, according to reports from the group.

“We’re excited to connect with our target demo at South By. Market research shows Austin is a hot spot for 18-33 year old males with interests in music and culture,” said Flight of Fancy lead guitarist Stuart Reardon. “We’ve put out a lot of great content in the past, and we hope that turns into a profitable revenue stream as we enter the second quarter of the new year.”

Despite reports that SXSW organizers significantly scaled back this year’s fest, members of the indie-rock quartet believe they can still use the annual advertising bonanza as a promotional tool.

“We have to be realistic. It’s a crowded marketplace, and we have to utilize new and innovative techniques in order to optimize visibility,” said bass player Luke Gunderson. “That’s why we’ll be giving away free download codes for our new EP to anyone who downloads the Flight of Fancy music app for $1.99 — a mobile app for listening to our music anywhere, anytime.”


Industry experts believe Flight of Fancy might be facing an uphill battle when it comes to reaching their desired consumers.

“SXSW is one of the hardest places to get recognized. Every square inch of Austin is currently covered in some form of advertisement, and that causes a lot of mental fatigue,” said former advertising executive Cynthia Powers. “Most millennial males at the fest are so overwhelmed by the sensory overload, they completely miss the festival’s music component. Unless you’re an emerging virtual reality pornography distributor or hard alcohol, you’ll probably be ignored.”

Members of Flight of Fancy remain optimistic their trip to SXSW will be profitable, despite the odds against them.

“We’re on at 4 a.m., Tuesday morning. And we’re the only band scheduled then, so we’ll have the market cornered,” boasted Gunderson.