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Six Songs We’re Listening To This Week While Desperately Trying To Keep Conversation Surface Level With Our Dad

Father’s Day is here again, which means you’ve likely had to endure classic rock for all the parts of the day you weren’t teaching the old man how to use his Bluetooth speaker for the thousandth time. There’s nothing wrong with classic rock, per say, but at one point you heard ‘Knights In White Satin’ five times in a row because your dad didn’t realize he had pressed the ‘repeat’ button on the track. Moral of the story is, you need new music fast and we’re here to give it to you. Read on to learn what our staff has been listening to this week, and click here to listen as you chain smoke behind your mom’s garden shed.

The Black Dahlia Murder “Aftermath”

Two years after the tragic passing of their legendary frontman Trevor Strnad, The Black Dahlia Murder are pressing onward with cofounder Brian Eschbach on lead vocals. While the decision to carry on was one of love and healing, that doesn’t mean the band has stopped writing their standard deranged material. Their latest single, ‘Aftermath,’ details a post-apocalyptic world in which the living have resorted to cannibalism. Though fictional, it still feels a bit topical.

IDLES “Mood Swings (Little Simz cover)”

Little Simz might be one of the most criminally underrated acts in hip-hop at the moment, so it’s a great thing to see someone other than our nerdiest staff member recognizing that fact. IDLES recently added a touch of their signature style to her excellence with a cover of ‘Mood Swings.’ It’s worth the listen even if it’s just to hear frontman Joe Talbot’s inexplicable rendition of Peaches ‘Fuck The Pain Away’ multiple times throughout the arrangement. It’s two covers for the price of none.

High Vis “Mob DLA”

You might not be aware of this, but there are several UK post-punk bands that aren’t IDLES. Shocking, innit? Some of them are pretty great, even! High Vis is one of them, and they’ve just dropped a new single. Like all good post-punk songs, ‘Mob DLA’ blends a bevy of conflicting genres with a lyrical dash of economic and existential dread. Just try to remember that your cockney accent needs some work before attempting to sing along.

Hinds “En Forma”

Indie rockers Hinds are set to release their new album ‘Viva Hinds’ later this year. It’s their first full-length album since the departure of their longtime bassist and drummer a few years back, and it doesn’t seem the duo is lacking any of their characteristic punch despite that fact. Their latest single ‘En Forma’ is a frenzied indie-pop earworm, complete with shout along hooks and jangly as fuck guitars. Despite being based and founded in Madrid, it’s also their first ever track sung entirely in Spanish. We figured we’d give you a heads-up since we know you flunked that class in high school.

Doubt “The Hard Way”

There are few things certain in life: death, taxes, and the fact that Baltimore’s hardcore scene will likely survive the impending nuclear apocalypse. The latter is extremely evident when listening to newcomers Doubt, who have just released an absolute ripper with ‘The Hard Way.’ With a ninety-second runtime and a tempo change that will make you feel like you could fistfight a shark, you have literally no excuse to get this one on your ‘break shit’ playlist immediately.

Molchat Doma “Son”

The eerie new single, ‘Son,’ from the even eerier dark wave trio ‘Molchat Doma’ dropped this week, along with the announcement of the band’s forthcoming record ‘Belaya Polosa.’ If you have six minutes to spare and are tired of listening to your 80’s industrial playlist but still want the same vibes, this one’s for you. The track is a heady rumination on never being able to return to your past self. It’s a good reminder considering you’ve only recently stopped texting your ex.

Psst. Looking for more? Of course you are. These are desperate times. That’s why we’ve hand crafted a playlist for you. It doesn’t just have these songs on it, either. It has every song we’ve ever written about this year, and will continue to grow until it becomes so long and disorienting that it develops sentience and tells you to get a job. You can click here to check it out unless you’re a coward who hates great music.