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Six Songs We’re Listening To This Week Because We’ve Been Banned From Listening to the New Taylor Swift Album

It’s Sunday afternoon, which can only mean one thing: You’ve wasted another week of your life by not immersing yourself in the world of new music. We’re here to put an end to your incessant need to live a boring life with a less-than-unremarkable soundtrack.

Here are six new songs that should help lift you out of the truly concerning rut you’ve wedged yourself in.

Menomena “The Insulation”

Your favorite band’s favorite band, Menomena, shocked their corner of the internet on Tuesday by dropping three new songs and breaking a nearly twelve-year silence. The EP coincides with the announcement of a one-off reunion show celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album. Your arty college friend has probably been telling you about this band for years. It’s time you finally listen.

One Step Closer “Orange Leaf”

Next month, Pennsylvania’s rising melodic hardcore outfit ‘One Step Closer’ are releasing their highly anticipated sophomore LP, ‘All You Embrace.’ Judging by the singles we’ve heard so far, the band is clearly embracing the highest potential of their explosive sound. The latest, ‘Orange Leaf’ shows the group can showcase vulnerability and aggression in a single breath, placing them firmly in the hallowed halls of their genre.

Gatecreeper “Masterpiece of Chaos”

Much to the delight of metalheads and conversely to the disdain of arachnophobes across the country, Gatecreeper is releasing their third full-length, ‘Dark Superstition’ next month. The third single and absolute churchburner ‘Masterpiece of Chaos’ is absolutely true to its title, though ‘Chaos’ may be an understatement here. Make sure you’re in a comfortable seated area the first time you listen, as the dive-bombing and disgustingly chuggy guitars will leave you in a tailspin.

David Byrne “Hard Times”

We’ve been trying to get David Byrne to pen a theme song for our site for years. Thousands of phone calls and several cease and desist letters later, our wish has finally been granted in the form of his cover of Paramore’s ‘Hard Times.’ Considering the clear Talking Heads influence of the original, this cover is a no-brainer. While we were hoping he would pen something a bit more personalized toward our award-winning journalism, we’re happy to finally be acknowledged.

Still House Plants “Probably”

Up-and-coming British art-rockers, Still House Plants, just released their excellent third album ‘If I don’t make it, I love u.’ It’s a dazzling triumph and ode to simplicity that cements their reputation as a band who can craft a gigantic sound with minimal instrumentation and production. Their ‘less is more’ approach will make you wonder if you really need three guitarists in your band. Before you get ahead of yourself though, make sure you don’t kick out the one that actually knows how to play.

E.D.A “Velkommen Til Klubben ft. Conan O’ Brien”

The Summer of Conan is upon us. After an unexpected and incredibly viral appearance on ‘Hot Ones,’ O’Brien has his eyes set on landing a hit on the Norwegian pop charts, a desire he expressed nearly a year ago on his podcast. Thanks to a little help from Norway’s underground rap duo, E.D.A, that dream is closer to becoming a reality. Though ultimately a hit for Conan’s new travel show ‘Conan Must Go,’ it’s hard to deny the man has some serious chops and massive hook writing skills. Let’s help take it to the top, dear readers.

Because we know you can never go back to your musicless old life, we’ve compiled these and a fuckton more songs into a handy playlist for you. Click here to listen and dazzle your friends with your newfound relevancy.