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30 Ways the World Could End Tomorrow Ranked by How Much They Make Today’s Job Hunt Seem Pretty Pointless

Today is the day I chose to buckle down and start my job search. I’ve been gearing up for it all week. I told my Mom I was gonna do it, I put my weed away out of sight in a drawer, and I posted to social media “Job search time, here we go!” with a bunch of poop emojis. I even set up the coffee and prepared a few meals last night so I could focus on this and only this. There’s just one problem: it’s today and I don’t want to do it.

Honestly, why should I? What if I buckle down, fill out a ton of applications, and land a bunch of interviews for dumb stuff I don’t want to do in the first place and then the world just suddenly ends? I would feel like an idiot!

Oh, I’m catastrophizing? I’m just making excuses? I’m letting my anxiety paralyze my logic? I mean, okay, yes to all, but like, hear me out, what if it DID though? Here are 30 ways the world or at least society as we know it could end overnight, ranked by how much they make me say “Well, screw it then.”

30. The Wrath of God

Personally, I find this to be the least likely scenario, but that’s exactly why God, if he does exist, is probably pissed. If I’m gonna get smote I don’t wanna be wearing a lame shirt with buttons on it.

29. This Is All Just A Simulation And Someone Pulls The Plug

I don’t wanna be all “You ever think about that man?!” but like, you ever think about that, man? If our entire existence is a computer-generated lie how would we know? And it stands to reason that if this is a simulation it could all end at a keystroke or pulling of a plug in the real world. It’s just like “The Matrix,” or that TV movie “World on a Wire” from the ‘70s. Oh, you’ve never seen “World on a Wire?” I have. Then again, I don’t have a job.

28. Rise Of The Apes

For all we know they’ve already found their Caesar and are amassing their forces as we speak. I’m pretty sure the Lawgiver isn’t gonna give a crap whether or not I can use Microsoft Excel.

27. Matter Begins To Decay

What if the building blocks of the universe have an expiration date? How would we know until every solid thing starts to erode and crumble? When that happens do you want to be trying to impress some dork who manages a shipping warehouse, or do you wanna be beating Donkey Kong Country again loaded on bong hits and Utz cheeseballs?

26. The Moon Falls Down

It’s just floating up there, a giant rock the size of our country, and we’re just supposed to trust that it stays put? If the moon falls down, which could theoretically happen at any second, we’re all pretty much toast. It would be like that movie “Moonfall!” I think. Gotta be honest even with unlimited time on my hands I never found time to watch “Moonfall.”

25. Supervolcano

That’s right, there are volcanoes on the earth so big that if they blow up we would all die. How any living person can sit with that knowledge in their head and still muster the will to say “Thank you for calling Verizon customer support, how can I help you today?” is beyond me.

24. The Big Suck

At one point all matter in the universe was condensed into one object the size of a thimble and then exploded in an event known as the big bang. We still don’t really know how matter got condensed like that in the first place, so why are we so certain that it won’t happen again? Maybe that’s all the universe does, just contracts and explodes like waves on a cosmic beach. But I digress. You asked where I see myself in 5 years?

23. Pole Shift

At any given moment the polarity of the earth could switch, literally turning our world upside down and flinging us all into space in the process. The only reason they haven’t made a movie about it is because the movie would be over in like two seconds.

22. A Great Flood

It’s the hottest year on record, so you gotta wonder how much longer those polar ice caps can really hold. Sure some of us might survive in some “Waterworld” type scenario (you’ve never seen “Waterworld?”) but those survivors will just succumb to ancient bacteria that’s been trapped in the ice for thousands of years. Long story short, Costco won’t survive, even if they do start at $15 an hour.

21. Someone Is Dreaming All Of This And They Wake Up

Sort of like the simulation scenario but with a trippy “St. Elsewhere” twist. Wait, you’ve never seen “St. Elsewhere?” Wow, I’ve watched so many more things than you, weird.

20. Alien Invasion

Ten years ago this seemed a lot more far-fetched, but between the recent uptick in sightings, declassified Navy videos, and government whistleblowers coming out of the woodwork, the prospect of Earth being invaded by extraterrestrials seems more when than if. For all we know my video game skills could be what saves us, like in the movie “The Last Starfighter.” You haven’t seen it? Man, what do you do all day?

19. Mass Insanity

It’s pretty obvious that people are getting crazier out there. Every mass shooting, vehicular slaughter, and celebrity Presidential nomination brings us closer and closer to the tipping point. Take it from a guy who has had the free time to watch every Purge movie and every season of “The Walking Dead” at least twice, the greatest threat is man.

18. Zombie Apocalypse

We all saw what a piss-poor job the world’s governments did at handling Covid, imagine how hard they’ll drop the ball if a zombie outbreak happens. Diseases are mutating all the time, and all it would take is some version of rabies that works a teensy bit faster to wipe us all out. Surely you’ve seen some of the many, many movies that illustrate my point. Not as many as me, an unemployed leech living it up in his mom’s basement, but some.

17. Solar Storm

The sun is unpredictable, coma, man. At any given moment old man Apollo could just up and shoot an ark of fire right at us powerful enough to burn our world to a cinder. Even if it’s not big enough to kill us, it could wipe out all of our satellites, destroying our technology in an instant and hurtling the world into chaos. Plus like, references? I barely know anyone.

16. Physics Experiment Gone Awry

With all those scientists messing around with all those large hadron colliders and whatnot, it’s pretty much only a matter of time before they start some chain reaction that destroys the world. We’re just one chaotic neutral egghead going “I wonder what this button does” away from a man-made black hole sucking us all into oblivion. Plus this personality assessment is super long and boring. It’s a grocery store, is this really necessary?

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