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30 Adult Hobbies Ranked By How Much You’ve Given Up On Your Dreams

When you’re a kid you can’t wait to be an adult so you can pursue your dreams and live a life full of wonder and intrigue. Unfortunately, for most of us, we are ground down by Capitalism living a life full of mandatory overtime, binge drinking to dull the pain of existence, and looking back on your childhood wondering “where did it all go wrong?” With that said, we ranked 30 hobbies you can pick up as an adult by how much they show that you’ve completely given up on your dreams.

30. Coffee Snob

Aero press, burr grinder, clover brewer, you’ve created quite the distraction for yourself and your so-called morning routine, falling headfirst into one of the last remaining socially acceptable substance addiction. However, you are learning to fuel your dreams, so it could still happen for you.

29. Gardening

Growing your own vegetables like a real American homesteader. This is a great hobby because you’ll know how to live off the land when you’re dead broke because you sold all your possessions so you could afford to move to LA and become a screenwriter.

28. House Plants

You could’ve gotten a pet. That would’ve been a lot better for your mental health than the monstera that withers when you look at it wrong. But there is no problem with having a living room jungle and still pursuing your dreams.

27. Selling Drugs

Ok we can’t legally endorse this as a hobby, and it’s definitely more of a “side hustle” than a “hobby.” But we’d be lying if we couldn’t easily name 10 or 15 former drug dealers who made it big following their dreams. So maybe just be discreet?

26. Journaling

This is a great way to hone your writing skills while chronicling your failures. The bright side is, if you ever make it, you’ll have years’ worth of recorded strife to look back on and laugh. Like that time you couldn’t afford toilet paper so you used the pages of a book your ex-girlfriend left behind and you ended up with a real bad anus infection.

25. Cycling

You, some spandex, and the open road. It’s just like touring, except now you’re in way better shape. Cycling also doubles as an excellent method of transportation so you can really use this hobby to literally get closer to dreams.

24. Learning a New Language

There’s no way this can’t help you. Simply no way. It improves other cognitive faculties like concentration, memory skill, and can even help with an aging brain. And, if you’re not talented enough to make it in your home country, you could learn the language of another and try to make it there.

23. Taking A Masterclass

You’ve paid the subscription and now you’re watching an online lecture from an industry titan who sold out. This is surprisingly good. You’re learning about the industry you dream about being a part of. All you have to do now is dedicate all your waking hours to pursuing your goals, but today you’re working a double shift, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

22. Home Brewing

Making the fun distracting hobby of drinking and making it involve manual labor and patience. This one takes you away from your goal and further into the back shed, fermenting with your thoughts. But hey, at least you’ve got a shed. And yeast. And you’re drunk as shit.

21. Improv

When is learning to think on your feet a bad thing? And hey, this could come in handy later when you’ve got a real job and your boss asks you how you could possibly be late for a Zoom meeting when you work from home.

20. Lawn Care

You’ve got a lawn to care for so things aren’t so bad in the financial department. But still, if you’re obsessing over cultivating the perfect monoculture in your cookie-cutter neighborhood of slightly less-than-perfect monocultures, then dreams probably weren’t your thing to begin with, so you’re probably doing alright.

19. Climbing Gym

Your free time needs to be spent in a constant state of near-freefall to keep you from wondering “what if?” Or you think having massive forearms is a transferable skill, faster tremolo picking, perhaps? You could still do it, as long as you don’t fall.

18. Starting a Podcast

You’ve started a podcast talking shop about the industry you’ve always dreamt of breaking into. Talking about others in it, asking others how they got started in it, criticizing the industry itself. It’s kind of like your dream right? RIGHT?

17. Sourdough Bread Baking

This is a lot of time and effort for something you can buy at any grocery store. It’s entirely possible you’re using this tedious hobby to distract you from accomplishing your dreams.

16. Photography

This might not be the artistic medium of your choice, but you can make it seem to others like you fully accomplished your dream with the right equipment, lighting, and editing skills. Also, this can double as a full side income if you get good enough and you spread nasty rumors about every wedding photographer living within 100 miles of you.

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