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20 Albums That Your Parents Hated So Much They Wished You Were Never Born That Turn 20 This Year

You remember 2003, don’t ya? Sure you do. September 11th was still fresh in everyone’s minds, the Devils won the Stanley Cup, you and your high school ex got back together for a month or so in the summer. Simpler times. Has it really been 20 years since S.A.R.S. caused massive panic all over the world? Luckily we learned our lesson, and that was the absolute last time that would ever happen.

You know who definitely remembers 2003? Your parents. They got so used to you living away at college for the semester (or living in your punk house) that when you came back over break (or got evicted), it gave them a major headache. They finally had peace and quiet to be able to listen to their Eagles records undisturbed… that is, until the punk/hardcore/metal/metalcore/ post-hardcore/prog metal/thrash metal scene decided that this was the year to go OFF. Hard to believe all these records turn 20 this year; one more year and they can legally drink without their parents saying shit to them.

Municipal Waste “Waste ‘Em All” (1/27/2003)

The debut album from thrash’s nastiest riff masters and holy SHIT we weren’t ready. January isn’t even over yet, can we have a minute to digest New Year’s first? This should have been the first signal to our parents that their life was going to be miserable.

Comeback Kid “Turn it Around” (3/4/2003)

When Comeback Kid dropped this album every college-aged hardcore fan stopped to marvel at the heaviness of the breakdowns. It wasn’t a reinvention of the genre, it was a slight tweak that made your dad wish his new man cave had soundproofing.

AFI “Sing the Sorrow” (3/11/2003)

AFI already won hardcore with their last 2.5 albums, then 9/11 happened and they got sad and decided to change it up. Mom heard me play this album and said she actually liked some of the songs. Which made me not like them as much and claim they sold out.

Cave In “Antenna” (3/18/2003)

By 2003 Cave In had (rightfully) blown up and gotten recognition for their eclectic style, to the point that they signed a record deal with RCA. I need every band to pay attention right now: if you are going to put out EXACTLY one album on a major label… this is how it’s done.

Rise Against “Revolutions Per Minute” (4/8/2003)

I guess 2003 is the year we decide to start following politics, thanks to Rise Against’s politically-charged brand of skate punk. Sucks that we quit skating the same year we got our driver’s license, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t blast a pure skate punk album as we rode our longboard through town.

Lamb of God “As the Palaces Burn” (5/6/2003)

Everyone knew Lamb of God was pure American metal from their debut “New American Gospel” in 2000, but this shit blew the doors off everything. Still holds up as their best album 20 years later. There’s no quip in this entry because Lamb of God is no fucking joke.

Deftones “Self-Titled” (5/20/2003)

Oof, good luck trying to follow up “White Pony.” Be honest, you didn’t give Deftones the respect they deserved in high school because the one kid that was obsessed with them also liked Mudvayne. And by 2003 it was too late, so you had to wait until “Diamond Eyes” came out to pretend you’d been down forever.

The Mars Volta “Deloused in the Comatorium” (6/24/2003)

Ok hear me out… the core members of At the Drive In are going to record a concept album with Rick Rubin. Not gonna say this is the best album of all time, but not NOT gonna say it either. An hour of just wondering if they ever get tired of playing their instruments so fast. What a banger.

Beloved Failure On” (6/24/2003)

How did this band know this is exactly what we were looking for? Melodic hardcore and screamo all in one. Two things that could very well be true: Beloved is the most underrated/underappreciated hardcore band of all time, and this album perfectly encapsulates the sound of the time. An icon, even if our dad ended up using our Beloved shirt as an oil rag.

Every Time I Die “Hot Damn!” (7/1/2003)

Even for those who were fans of ETID before 2003, “Hot Damn!” was a revelation. The album taught us how good lyrics, riffs, and breakdowns could be, and we were never the same. Absolutely groundbreaking record. May they RIP.

Poison the Well “You Come Before You” (7/1/2003)

Is July 1, 2003 the best date in hardcore history? Both ETID and PTW released the best albums of their careers. But wait a minute… where are the breakdowns?! You mean I’m going to have to wait 20 years to realize this is the best album by the best hardcore band ever? I don’t have that kind of time.

Thrice “Artist in the Ambulance” (7/22/3003)

How do you follow the best album of all time? TAITA is good, but you know what would be really sweet? If they had some guest vocalists from some of our favorite bands, including some that don’t even exist yet, on like half the songs. A boy can dream…

The Bled “Pass the Flask” (7/29/2003)

Best breakdowns of the year and best song names in the game. They probably named it “Pass the Flask” cause this is the album that made us break edge. Or maybe that was part of a rough break up, either way, scraping off all our straight edge bumper stickers was a pain in the ass.

The Bouncing Souls “Anchors Aweigh” (8/26/2003)

The New Jersey punkers had already been a band for 15 years and had released 5 albums before this monument. Boy do I hope this brand of melodic, old school punk rock becomes popular and the Souls get all the credit. Would hate for them to get gaslighted by another band from New Brunswick.

The Bronx The Bronx” (8/26/2003)

2003 was the year of the monster, genre-defining debuts it would seem. This is a fun one, eh? Where the hell did these guys come from? I’m assuming the Bronx. It also reminds me that my parents never wanted me to go to New York City because they thought I’d be pushed in front of a train.

Avenged Sevenfold “Waking the Fallen” (8/26/2003)

Like their forefathers before them, A7X put out a serious Metalcore masterpiece for their second album. Unfortunately for them, the genre will never catch on and they’ll never play a big venue like Madison Square Garden or anything.

Thursday “War All the Time” (9/16/2003)

How do you follow the best post-hardcore album of all time? Just put out another one. Easy peasy Jersey squeezy. The inspiration for the album title came from the constant battle of not wanting to clean your room before company came over.

Coheed & Cambria “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3” (10/7/2003)

Okay, lightning can strike twice I guess. After their 2002 debut album “The Second Stage Turbine Blade,” they come out with this monster record and solidify themselves in the genre of… uhh, damned if I know. SURELY lightning can’t strike a third time with their next album though, can it? Either way, dad said we’re too old for comic books.

Between the Buried and Me “The Silent Circus” (10/21/2003)

The second album for this hardcore/metal hybrid group is quite the doozy. I wonder where they will go from here. I mean this album is sweet, but what’s next? Space prog metal? If that happens maybe my dad will actually check it out.

Horse the Band “R. Borlax” (11/25/2003)

Another album, another debut. At this point, 2003 has to be up there with 1986 as the best year in hardcore history. As for Horse the Band… remember how much you loved the music in all the video games you played as a kid? Well, I’ve got some great news.


Honorable Mention:

Linkin Park “Meteora” (3/25/2003)

I know, I know… “Radio rap/rock sucks! The Mudvayne kid also liked Linkin Park!” It was fun and games until you actually listened to it and realized that it actually goes pretty hard.