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Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only Reunite for Ice Cream Venture “Glenn And Jerry’s”

LODI, N.J. – After years of litigation and fighting over The Misfits brand, estranged bandmates Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only have finally reunited. Brought back together by their mutual love of ice cream, and money, the two legendary musicians have teamed up once again for “Glenn and Jerry’s” brand of premium ice cream.

Yes, that’s right, Glenn and Jerry are taking off the weight belts and picking up ice cream scoopers. The announcement made via the official Misfits Fiend Club.

“I’ve got something to say, come get some ice cream today. It’s true, Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only are back together again. If you are like us, then you love ice cream. Glenn and Jerry’s premium ice cream will feature milk harvested from the most evil cows and will hit store shelves at midnight this Halloween,” the statement read.

Though the two godfathers of Horror Punk weren’t able to reunite on stage, they were able to agree on using the Misfits image on yet another product. After months of testing and flavor development Glenn and Jerry’s expect to have one hundred and thirty eight flavors including:

“I Turned Into a Marshmallow”

“Some Kinda Grape”




“Legacy of Fruitality”

When asked what has inspired them to get into the ice cream business Danzig had this to say, “I was at the store and saw how much a pint of ice cream was going for and thought to myself ‘I could do this.’ Just throw a Misfits logo on there and charge $6.99 a pint and you can’t go wrong.” Jerry Only added “We have been taking spooky 50’s rock ‘n’ roll and repackaging it as something new since the late 70’s. Who says we can’t do the same with ice cream?”

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Early reviews of the Misfits-themed after dinner treat have been glowing, “I was blown away with the Pistachio Zombie,” said one food critic with a devilock “…ice cream for dinner, ice cream for lunch, ice cream for breakfast, ice cream for brunch, ice cream for every single meal. They even have fudge!”

What flavor of Glenn and Jerry’s would you like to see? Please leave your suggestion in the comments section.

Article by Ivan Ngo @MilhouseCrying and The Hard Times Staff @REALpunknews.