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Without a Gun He Would Have Just Used Something Else to Kill 50+ People 400 Yards Away From the 32nd Floor

I’m so sick of people acting like taking away guns would have prevented yesterday’s horrible lone wolf attack by a mentally disturbed man who would have found another way and is not a terrorist.

I’m going to say this one time, really slow, for the people in the back: Guns don’t mow down people by the hundreds from 400 yards away and 32 stories up, PEOPLE mow down people by the hundreds from 400 yards away and 32 stories up.

Full stop.

If he didn’t have a gun, he would have found another way. He probably would have drove a truck out of his 32nd story window and right into those poor souls, killing just as many. Or something with a bomb. He had bomb making materials, although he used a gun instead for whatever reason.

You do not need a military-styled machine gun to end countless lives in minutes from four football fields away. First of all, 400 yards isn’t even that far. From 32 floors up, that’s well within range of arrows, slings, spears, or someone well trained in throwing stars.

I am winning this debate.

Oh, what are you going to bring up next? Some fake news article about how in Australia they took away the guns and murders and suicides plummeted? Well guess what, that wouldn’t work here. Why? Because people like me refuse to let it. You go ahead and try to make that work and you see what fucking happens. I will board up my windows and go full Waco so fast your head will spin, buddy.

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Look, killing people is nothing new. Cavemen used to kill each other. Did cavemen have guns? No, they did not. So why so much focus on guns now? Just because people are getting shot? You’d have to be high to think restricting guns in any way would have affected how many people were shot dead in this lone wolf attack.

And speaking of high, the 32nd floor is pretty damn high. If you dropped a penny on someone from that high up, it could penetrate their skull and they’d be dead instantly.

You can purchase a semi-automatic weapon for $1000 and illegally mod it to become fully automatic, or buy a legal attachable crank to simulate automatic fire. Throw in a tripod for stabilization and a thousand rounds of ammo and you’re at $1500. Do the math. That’s 150,000 pennies!

That’s right. With a gun, you could only shoot a thousand rounds from the comfort of your hotel room while being far enough away to detach yourself from the heartless violence you are inflicting on innocent people. With pennies, you could kill 150,000 people! Should we ban pennies now too? Should we? You tell me.

Article by Issa Diao. 

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