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PUNK’D! Ashton Kutcher Dead at 38

We all know the saying: What goes around, comes around.

Well, now Ashton Kutcher knows how that phrase came to be. According to various media reports, the 38-year-old actor died at his home late last night. Although the cause of death is still to be determined, it is assumed he got totally punk’d.

While the results from the autopsy and toxicology screen won’t come back for a few weeks, most people close to Kutcher know what happened. All those test results will let us know is whether it was a 1st or 2nd degree punking that finally did in the Kutch.

Wow, fuck you 2016.

As a kid who grew up watching K-dawg punk various celebrities it’s devastating to know what once caused joyous laughter over 10 seasons of hidden camera fun is what ultimately brought an end to Ashy K’s life. Remember how sad Justin Timberlake was when Kutchy moved all his belongings out of his house? T-Lake called his mom LOL.

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Perhaps that’s what made Kutcher’s vicious punkings of the past so fun to watch: The element of danger. Sometimes you have to come this close to getting punk’d to feel alive.

But now that the Kutch Man is dead, we have to ask: Was it worth it? Let us know in the comments below.

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