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You Can Pry My Gun From My Kid’s Cold Dead Hands

My child’s body is still warm and people are already trying to politicize her death. Where’s the decency? I worry this is the new normal. Our nation is on the verge of just accepting that politically correct nutjobs will routinely try to take guns out of the hands of children.

If it were up to these kooks, no child would have access to guns. But kids today have the right to defend themselves from school shootings — don’t let any of these power-hungry politicos tell you differently. The only thing stopping a bad child with a gun is a well-behaved child with a more powerful, military-style weapon they have been trained to use.

That’s the way my daughter believed, and I will honor her memory by continuing to fight for her right to know where I leave the keys to the gun safe.

I haven’t been this outraged since my daughter’s teacher showed her class video about puberty. Sex ed? These are children for god’s sake. Give up my gun? I will give up my gun when they pry it from my kid’s cold, dead hands.

Article by Taylor De La Ossa @tayfabe_