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4 Uncommon Sexual Fantasies and Why You’re Wrong for Shooting Them Down Before I Can Even Explain

We live during a time of unprecedented sexual liberation and exploration. We as a society no longer tolerate slut shaming and modern technology has made casual dating very accessible and no longer taboo. So baby, don’t shoot down these unusual sexual fantasies I’m proposing before giving me one second to explain.

Foot Fetishes
Let’s start off with something basic and easy. This sexual fantasy has been around for so long it’s hardly unusual, but since you’re being pretty uptight about this whole thing I figured I’d include it. We already sexualize many body parts so why not feet? No? Not into it? Listen, if you’re not down with this one you’re not gonna like the rest of this list but since you’re already freaked out I’m just gonna go for it.

Alien Abduction
Okay, now we’re talking! Alien abduction is a taboo, but shockingly common, sexual fantasy. If you think getting tied up is wild, alien abduction takes it to whole other level. It doesn’t even have to be sexual either! Sometimes the thrill is simply in feeling like you’re trapped and being experimented on. Wow, talk about the ultimate feeling of loss of control! No, I’m not saying I want to abduct you. Why are you walking away? Don’t go in my closet! And definitely don’t unzip that bag. Okay you unzipped it. Yes, I own an alien costume. Just let me explain!

Being Captured and Used as Breeding Cattle
I bet that alien thing doesn’t seem so crazy now does it? I’m just saying some people (not necessarily me but also not necessarily not me) fantasize about being captured, put into a human farm, and used for breeding purposes. Why are you crying? I’m just telling you about some stuff I read on the internet. Look, I’m not saying you have to do it too. This matters to me and I’m just trying to be open about certain things. Now put this cowbell ball gag on me and let’s get started.

Banging a Ghost
Since I’ve clearly upset you I’m only throwing this in but I’m not even gonna try and sell you on it. What are you doing with my sheets? Wait are you… into this?? Baby wait let’s talk it through first. I’ve never done anything like this before and honestly I didn’t think about how I would respond if you said yes. I’m actually scared of ghosts, I don’t know why I threw this one in. You’re right sweetie I’m being a hypocrite. Of course I will try this with you. I love you.

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