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Jimmy Snuka Hits Superfly Splash Off Pearly Gates

WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka made his presence known on his first night in Heaven by hitting a Superfly Splash from atop the pearly gates, according to sources in the great beyond. A groundbreaking and innovative performer on earth, Snuka has remained an influential superstar in the afterlife.

“I had the great privilege of calling the action for the classic MSG match where Snuka first hit the Superfly Splash from atop a steel cage,” said former WWF broadcaster Gorilla Monsoon. “It’s always been the most breathtaking high risk maneuver I’ve ever witnessed. That is, until last night. I’ve never been as impressed by any maneuver as I was last night, when Jimmy leapt from the gates of Heaven and soared through the clouds with that big splash. He was flying in a way that put the angels to shame.”

Monsoon wasn’t the only WWE Hall of Famer in Heaven impressed and amazed by Snuka’s leap of faith.

“You know, me and Jimmy, we’ve had our differences — we have. At times, things got heated between us. I may have cracked him over the head with a coconut when the situation called for it, but in the end he’s my brother, and I love him.” said Rowdy Roddy Piper. “Superfly could entertain in the air in a way that was far ahead of his time. He did it back in the Garden, and now he’s doing it here in kingdom come. You should have seen the pop he got from Saint Peter with that splash; that’s how you put halos in the seats.”

When reached for comment about his spectacular dive, Snuka was brief and succinct in his statement.

“Brudda, the Superfly is always gonna fly.”