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Woman Works Tirelessly to Undo Damage Done to Netflix Top Picks Following Ink Master: Season 3 Bender

AKRON, Ohio — After succumbing to a particularly lengthy “weak moment” last month, South Akron resident Karen Lee is reportedly working hard to undo the damage done to her Netflix “Top Picks” category following a recent Ink Master: Season 3 bender.

“I’m not really sure how it happened, exactly,” Lee said of the 13 consecutive 41-minute episodes she consumed over the course of two very determined nights. “I accidentally clicked on some Criss Angel special, and it just got out of hand so fast.”

After quickly hitting what she refers to as “rock bottom,” Lee is now being forced to deal with the repercussions of her actions.

“I woke up the next morning to find all these thumbnails for shows about border patrol security guards and steampunk competitions,” Lee recalled of the suggestions based on Ink Master. “When I saw Natural Born Pranksters on there I knew I really fucked up.”

Lee is now left to amend the harm dealt to her ex-roommate’s husband’s parent’s Netflix account, with hopes of getting things back on the right track.

“My strategy at this point is to watch a little bit of a lot of different things to manipulate the algorithm,” Lee said. “Serial killer documentaries, Dance Moms, anything. I even just left Cheers on while I was at work the other day. I figure nine years worth of George Wendt can’t hurt.”

For Lee’s friends, her motivation to right her wrongs is a hopeful, albeit familiar story.

“She’s acting like she didn’t sit there and watch seasons 1 and 2 right before this,” said Ryan Ellis, a close friend. “It’s hard to just sit back while someone you care about does this to themselves, but what can you do?”


Despite the progress made in the last several weeks, Lee faces a long, tough road ahead of her.

“I’ve done a lot of damage, and I know it’s not the kind of thing that can be repaired overnight, but I’m willing to put in the work,” Lee said.

“I still get notifications from Netflix every once in awhile, trying to entice me with Tattoo Wars and Tattoo Rescue, but now I just call this alcoholic dude from work when I’m feeling tempted. That really seems to help,” she added.