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Tinder Bot Refuses To Spam Anyone Under Six Feet

CHICAGO — Local Tinder bot Jennifer, 29, whose existence centers on driving lonely men to fraudulent dating sites, organically stopped spamming anyone under six feet tall, mildly insulted sources confirmed.

“I’m not really sure how this happened. She’s supposed to engage with everyone in order to gain access to the most bank accounts possible, regardless of their height or how many countries they’ve visited,” said Lloyd Fowler, Jennifer’s coder and experienced scam artist operating out of Evanston, Illinois. “Maybe she’s mimicking other profiles she sees? That would explain why she keeps adding different quotes from ‘New Girl’ to her bio. I’m not sure what to do. She’s out of control.”

The AI’s rigid new spamming standards have left some users feeling insulted and insecure.

“I rarely match with real women, so it’s nice when a bot shows genuine interest, even if she is just after my social security number,” said Tinder Platinum user Troy Dotson, who matched with Jennifer last week. “But Jennifer just asked how tall I was and then told me I was too short to enter her website. Why should that matter? Is it because tall people make more money? My credit card works just as well as any man’s, and my limit is huge.”

Others are more supportive of Jennifer’s decision to limit her dating pool based on height, arguing it merely reflects the algorithm’s high self-esteem.

“Everyone is entitled to their preferences, even computer programs designed to trick people into giving away their personal information. Personally, I love a woman who knows what she wants,” said 6’1” user Tristan Brown, another one of Jennifer’s matches. “We chatted for a couple of hours before heading back to her website. Then she showed me some private pictures that nobody else has seen. I didn’t come here looking for anything serious, but I think I’m falling for her.”

At press time, Brown had reached out to Jennifer to let her know that his computer has a virus and that she should probably get tested.