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Special Edition of “Skinamarink” Contains Blooper Reel

LOS ANGELES — Experimental horror movie director Kyle Edward Ball revealed the special edition of his film “Skinamarink” will contain a much-anticipated blooper reel, confirmed sources who couldn’t wait to make an “ending explained” YouTube video for it.

“At the end of the day, these bloopers are open to interpretation, and it’s up to the viewer to determine whether they’re funny,” said the director of the analog horror film. “There’s one where the dad inadvertently steps on one of the many Lego pieces with his bare feet and writhes around in pain while the crew points and laughs uncontrollably. Then there’s another where the production assistant accidentally turns on a light so the audience can momentarily see everything that’s going on in the frame. Then of course there’s that one where the demonic voice coming from upstairs improvises the line ‘whazzup’ like from that old commercial. We almost used that take too. Safe to say, it was hard to keep a straight face while making this film.”

Fans of the motion picture are pumped for the supplemental content.

“This movie and its special features contain everything I love: obscure horror, unnerving cinematography, and actors fucking up,” said film enthusiast Craig Chambers. “The blooper reel surprisingly had a more coherent narrative and plot than the actual film itself. Honestly, I know these gags aren’t for everyone, but you really have to see the reel in the theater to get the full experience. Not to mention these are the most groundbreaking cinematic goofs I’ve ever seen on screen. I don’t care if critics are calling it pretentious. Go see the blooper reel.”

Film critic Nance Claiborne was all too familiar with bizarre movie extras.

“There have been plenty of low-budget horror movies throughout history that have had special features you wouldn’t expect,” said Claiborne. “For instance, the DVD extras of ‘The Blair Witch Project’ contained a good 80 hours of deleted scenes that included cast members meticulously setting up their tents in complete silence as well as a fourth member of the group that died of hypothermia early on. Also, the extras for ‘Paranormal Activity’ curiously had a commentary track from the set’s food caterer. Horror filmmakers really like to get strange with their work.”

At press time, Bell revealed that the special edition will also contain alternate endings, including one where the whole thing was a dream and the family is seen ordering appetizers at their local Applebee’s.