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Punks Organize Benefit Show to Fund Future Benefit Shows

BOSTON — In a shocking display of preparedness, local hardcore promoter John “Big Red” Davis has decided to preemptively raise funds for the next time he needs to raise funds. The bands and charity for Help Save Help fest are TBA.

He posted this message on the Big Red Hardcore Productions Promotions Presents Facebook page:

“The fact of the matter is that we, as a community, can’t just wait around for something bad to happen before we act. If Skunk, Madd Dog or Spit Ball get hurt tomorrow, I’m not going to have the funds to throw them a benefit show. I can’t afford to just wait around for another tragedy or national disaster to strike before I steal all the door money. I need to preemptively rob this community not only of their money, but also of their faith in humanity.”


  1. seanygenovese December 17, 2014

    I live in Boston and this is bordering reality uncomfortably.

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