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Overbooked Get-Together Upgraded to Shindig

DENVER — Local couple Keith and Laurie Hudson updated their party plans this past weekend when a simple get-together among friends quickly escalated into a full-blown shindig, according to several eyewitnesses.

“At first it was just gonna be Laurie and I, plus Todd and Kimiko Peterson from down the street,” said Mr. Hudson, throwing out a stack of paper plates. “My wife wanted to just call it a hangout, but I worried that might be too casual. A get-together seemed to fit just right.”

Those plans, however, didn’t stay set for long, as the Hudsons and Petersons invited more friends — which quickly pushed the guest list past 12, leaving the couple no choice but to call the party a veritable shindig.

“Well, I certainly wasn’t prepared for a shindig,” said Mrs. Hudson, stacking a set of garden chairs. “I mean, we can handle a luncheon… maybe even a pot-luck, if Keith has time to make his famous bean dip. But the way folks kept showing up, we were on the verge of a full-blown mixer. We just don’t have enough glasses for that.”


Luckily for the Hudsons, the gathering levelled out at an informal soirée — although a brief appearance by their upstairs neighbor, Dan ‘The Maniac’ Santorini, threatened to push the party into what he calls a “motherfucking rager.”

“Dan really goes psycho at parties — any party that involves the Maniac is guaranteed to go from a bash to a blowout to a motherfucking rager in what seems like minutes, every goddamn time,” said a visibly frustrated Mrs. Hudson. “We’re lucky he saw the bread bowl and just called us all a bunch of pussies and left before things got worse.”

“We’ve only ever had one motherfucking rager,” Mr. Hudson somberly added, staring at a dark yellow stain on the living room carpet. “And Dan is no longer welcome in our home.”

At press time, Mr. Hudson had reportedly invited co-worker Daryll Howard and his acoustic guitar over next weekend for what analysts expect to be a “sweet little jam-sesh by the fire pit.”