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New Simpsons Prediction? Hans Moleman Just Looked Directly into Camera and Said “May 12, 2024” Before Taking His Own Life

Ay Caramba! Did “The Simpsons” again predict the future? One eagle-eyed viewer believes he spotted a truly unnerving and possibly earth-shattering new prediction in a recent episode, featuring everyone’s favorite bespectacled geriatric Hans Moleman.

“There’s a running joke of Hans Moleman getting killed, so I didn’t think anything of it when he placed a noose around his neck,” explained fan Todd Early. “But then he looked right down the barrel of the camera and whispered ‘May 12, 2024’ before kicking the stool out from underneath his feet. Moleman just hung there struggling to breathe until his body went limp and a small stream of urine trickled down his pant leg. Then they cut to commercial. After that, the show just went back to Homer working as a data analyst or whatever the hell the B story was that week.”

While some believe these so-called predictions are simply the result of the show’s longevity, others, like AV Club writer Susan Morehouse, believe the May 12th date points to some kind of global catastrophe.

“Have you seen that movie ‘The Number 23’? Yeah, me neither. However, based on the IMDB synopsis, I believe that is what’s happening to me with ‘May 12th,’” said Morehouse. “I’ve spent dozens of hours examining any historical reference to the date hoping for some kind of clue as to what it may mean. Will a typhoon hit the coast of Australia? The death of Jimmy Carter? The day Matt Groening finally says ‘enough’s enough’ and stops churning out crappy ‘Simpson’s’ merchandise? I must know the truth.”

When reached for comment, “The Simpsons” showrunner Matt Selman claimed they have no insight into the meaning behind the Moleman scene.

“Even the most hardcore fans are unaware that from the beginning of the show we’ve had a shaman, voodoo high priest, or some kind of clairvoyant join the writer’s staff. The first of whom was John Swartzwelder,” said showrunner Matt Selman. “The whole idea was Sam Simon’s. Apparently, he was running a 102-degree fever in 1989 and received a vision from, as he puts it, ‘God, a demon, or an alien being of pure light.’”

Looks like we’ll just have to wait to find out whether the ominous date means the birth of a new world order, a nuclear holocaust, or maybe just like a new piece of consumer technology.

Update: Industry insiders are claiming that “Family Guy” is now currently writing their own crude version of the “May 12th” moment that is painfully unfunny and goes on way too long.