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New Netflix Series Explores People in Mixed Subgenre Relationships

LOS GATOS, Calif. — Netflix announced an upcoming docuseries “Subgenreous Love,” which focuses on the thrills and challenges of life in a mixed subgenre relationship, executives confirmed while voting unanimously to hike rates.

“We can’t wait for audiences to see how slight differences in music taste inform the dynamic between significant others,” chief content officer Bela Bajaria explained from her champagne-filled infinity pool. “Whether it’s the cowpunk-psychobilly newlyweds setting out on their reverb-saturated journey or the centenarian couple running out the hospice clock bickering about folktronica vs. trip hop, the series illuminates the often overlooked role subgenre plays in our romantic lives. Beyond educating viewers, we could not be more proud of the interpersonal growth and understanding our subjects experienced while making the show.”

Dutch Slaughtermore, one of the show’s participants, could not share Bajaria’s enthusiasm for the filming process.

“Being in a metal throuple and all the hundreds of subgenres that come with it is hard enough, but having a swarm of boundaryless producers constantly asking loaded questions nearly broke us,” Slaughtermore recalled. “They’d be like, ‘How hard is it on your parents that their powerviolence daughter is involved with a technical death metal fan and a grindcore head?’ Or someone would ask, ‘Can you feel everyone’s eyes on you when you walk into a Cattle Decapitation show and one of your partners is wearing a Necrophagist t-shirt?’ One PA had the nerve to ask, ‘If you had a baby, would you worry it would come out too deathcore to love?’ Honestly, it was sad how they projected their own ignorance on us. Netflix sucks.”

Tori Leach, a leading researcher of subgenre’s effect on relationships, lends her expertise throughout the series.

“Music genre is the common ground many people bond over early in a courtship, but really it’s subgenre that shapes the long term,” Leach explained. “Some find that subtle stylistic variations keep the relationship fresh while for others, it’s the first fray of a slow, torturous undoing. Hip-hop couples tend to endure competing subgenres while jazz couples tend to crumble the instant jazz fusion invades the playlist. The only way to predict whether a relationship will last is to take a hard look at the couple’s preferred subgenres.”

At press time, Netflix also announced an upcoming psilocybin documentary, which will be the 400th one on the platform.