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Netflix’s English Language “Squid Game” Remake to Be About Joys of Capitalism

LOS ANGELES — Netflix announced they plan on adapting an English language version of the hugely successfully Korean drama “Squid Game” which will depart from the original by being about the joys of living in a capitalist society, multiple sources confirmed.

“We loved the original ‘Squid Game, but we wanted to give it an American spin,” said Ned Peters, head of programming for Netflix. “We’ll be removing any mentions of strikes or union actions. The corrupt businessman character will now be the hero of the show, and we’re going to have characters be more thankful that they get the opportunity to die for money. The original was a little grim in that sense but what’s more American than dying for the chance of maybe, possibly being rich beyond your wildest dreams? We also dipped into a bag of Korean words for content and added some Kpop and Mukbang to the script. We think will really enjoy the show, at least until we unceremoniously cancel it after one season.”

The online reaction to the remake has been mixed, with a large number of right-wing commentators welcoming it.

“Thank God for this,” said Jim Foley, host of the Jimcast and unashamed grifter. “I watched every episode of the original and while I loved it I also hated it. I mean, they were so unfair to the kindly old man who was generously offering his money to whoever won at hopscotch or whatever. And why did they make the Americans the bad guys? Doesn’t Korea understand that we saved them during…a war. I think. Anyway, I hope Elon Musk is in this new version cos that would be #epic.”

TV writers in Korea voiced their dislike of the project along with other planned remakes.

“Here we go again,” said Jang Yoo-Ho, a K-Drama writer. “First there’s ‘American Parasite’ told from the point of view of the rich homeowners and then ‘Bus to Boise’ which is supposed to remake ‘Train to Busan’ but the US train system is too shitty for that to work. It never ends. I’m going to do whatever I can to halt the export of Korean movies and shows to the states. They will destroy everything we ever created if we let them.”

Despite the negative reaction, Netflix is already gearing up to remake “The Host” but with the message that polluting the Han River is good actually.